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absolutely incredible concept. the proportion is great, i can read the captions, no grammatical errors. Usually with a bully scenario, ...

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Family Hierarchy 2: It all comes down
“Well if you must know, I have a few ideas to continue your preferential treatment. I’m going to put you in diapers and have you wear my doll’s outfits; the girl ones. And you’ll be forced to stay in the dollhouse. No, even better! I’ll give you to mommy for a bit. She would love you at this size.” Zander’s eyes grew wide. “No way can she see me like this! I’m begging you.” Ava thought about it for a moment. “Nah, too late! Off to mommy you go; the real one this time.” Ava laughed nefariously as she marched downstairs with her brother still clutched in her palm.

All Zander wanted to do was just simply come home after 4 years, and visit after graduating from college. However, a cruel twist of fate handed him his karma after he berated his sister about the special treatment she had gotten throughout her life that he did not receive. After Zander yelled at her, he went off to his room to chill out to some music when suddenly he shrank; thus karma rewarding him for being such a jackass. His sister, Ava, found him and gave him his just deserts by giving him exactly what he craved for by torturing him like an infant. After exacting her sweet revenge, Ava decided that it was time that her mother got to see her shrunken son. So this is where we last left off.

Zander was shivering as Ava held him close to her bouncing breast as she was now heading down the flight of stairs. She stopped at each step just to blow a kiss at her tiny little brother just to tease him. Zander was really nervous, he did not know how his mother would react if she saw him like this. “Ava, please don’t take me to see mom. I’ll do anything. I’ll even clean your shoes.” he said trying to bribe her. Ava giggled as she flicked her hair back. “Is my little baby scared? Don’t you worry, maybe a lullaby will calm you down.” she cooed at him. “Hush little baby, don’t say a word. Or big little sis is going to make it hurt. And if you give me any more sass, my big ass titty will crush your ass!” she sung to him. The threat made Zander shut his trap as it made Ava smile. “Good, baby boy.” she then kissed him. As she finally strolled to the bottom of the stairs, she inspected her brother once more. “We can’t give Mommy a good surprise if you’re out in plain sight. I’ve got to hide you somewhere nice and safe. And I know just the perfect place!” Ava stuffed her brother deep down in between her cleavage inside of her very skintight shirt. Zander tried to move around to get better adjusted, but the pressure atop of him was far too much for him. “Stop squirming, you fucking worm!” Ava muttered. “I’m not wearing a bra. So unless you want to fall to your death, stay fucking still!” she warned him as she entered the living room where her mother was reading a novel.

“Sweetie, why are you so happy? Did you and your brother have a nice time together?” she asked Ava. Ava was beaming deviously. “Yes, mommy! Actually, you can say that we’re a lot closer than we ever were.” Her mother was astounded to hear that. “My goodness! I am so glad to hear that, hun. Just the news I was looking for! I had hoped that you and Zander would finally have the sibling relationship I had dreamt of for decades. Where is Zander, anyway?” she asked Ava. Ava then erupted in raucous laughter. “He’s somewhere.” she continued to snicker. Ava’s actions had her mother perplexed. “What is so funny, sweetie. I want to know. Tell me.” Her mother demanded that Ava told her what was going on. A wicked grin grew on Ava’s face. “Tell you?” Ava pondered for the moment. “Why don’t I just show you? Come on out, Zander baby! Mommy wants to see her little baby boy.” Ava dug into her shirt and held tiny Zander in her grasps. Their mother shrieked as she saw Zander in her daughter’s hand. “What is that? That can’t be my Zander! It can’t. What did you do to my baby?” Ava pouted. “I took very good care of him; thank you very much! I even breastfed the little brat.” Ava retorted. “Zander, can you tell mommy how you got so itty bitty small? Don’t be shy, my little baby.” Zander couldn’t even process just how embarrassed and frightened he was at that very moment. “I pressed play on my CD player….and then…I shrank.” he said feeling so ashamed. The two women looked down at him. “Oh my poor little man!” his mother cried. “Ava, we have got to find him help. Fast!” Ava rolled her eyes. “Help this loser? No fucking way!" Ava answered her. "Zander darling, aren’t you going to tell mommy what you did to me; way before you shrunk?” Zander was mute. His mother peered down at him with full curiosity. “Zander, what did you do to your sister?” Zander began to feel the heat from his guilt. “I….I…..I…” He said trembling mightily. “He yelled at me.” Ava answered. Their mother was shocked. “You yelled at your only sister?” she asked him. “He said that you never treated him like you do me. He's a very jealous boy. He also said you babied me all through my wondrous life. And he wished to get the same treatment as I did. Karma, huh? Oh well, I’ll leave you two alone to discuss things. Bye bye, baby brother. Be good to mommy.” Ava said as she placed Zander down on the living room glass table, and left the room skipping gleefully. As Zander watched his sister leave, he also saw his gargantuan mother hover over him angrily with her arms crossed. “You’ve got some explaining to do, little man.”

“Look mom, I can explain.” he tried to reason with her. “Zip it!” she hushed him. “I don’t want to hear any of your absurd excuses right now. I thought I raised you better than that.” Zander then fell to his knees. “I’m sorry mom. Please don’t be mad at me. I just wanted to be appreciated just like her.” She looked down at him with pure revulsion. “That’s your sister. She deserves it all and more; especially now. Now time for your punishment.” She then turned her back toward Zander and started pulling down her pants. “Mom! What on earth are you doing?” he questioned her. She ignored him until her pants were down to her ankles. “Are you loving the view, little boy?” she asked him. Zander was not loving the view at all. His mother’s colossal and voluptuous ass that not even her gold and navy panties could barely contain, scared the living daylights out of him. “Mom, please don’t sit on me. I’ll do anything. Please don’t hurt me. I learned my lesson, ma’am.” She looked over her right shoulder at him. “It’s mommy. Don’t forget it.” she commanded. “I won’t sit on you, unless you disobey me. I want you to kiss these blessed cheeks, for mommy.” Zander was horrified. “You can’t…” His mother answered. “Can’t what? If you do not want to do it, fine. Just tell your father I said high after my ass obliterates you. My patience is running thin, boy. So are you going to kiss my ass or what?” With tears in his eyes, Zander nodded as he prepared to be the first member of his mother’s personal kiss my ass club.

She then proceeded to squat just above Zander. Zander was too nervous to begin fulfilling the task she had commanded for him to do. “What’s the matter, honey? Too big and jiggly for you?” she mocked him. “If you don’t start Zander, I don’t know how long I can stay at this position. I would hate for any accident to happen to you; my only little man.” Zander took a heavy gulp as he gave his mother’s left cheek a generous smooch. She was not satisfied. “Just that?” she asked him. “That’s what you call a kiss? I’m appalled! You need to show a little more effort, sweetie.” she warned him. Zander plastered a few more kisses on his mother’s ass. She was not amused about his lack of effort. “Sweetie I know you’re very small, but this is no way to satisfy the woman who has meant literally everything in your life. I’m giving you one last opportunity to prove your worth to me, or my ass comes down on you. HARD.” Zander took a few breathes before giving his mother’s ass passionate kisses nonstop. If there was an area that he could reach; it was littered with his smooches. Butt cheek, ass crack, areas flooded with cellulite; he kissed them all. His mother was so pleased to feel that Zander had taken this so seriously. “Good boy! I knew you could do it.” she commended him. “But let me mommy help you even further.” she giggled. Without warning, she brought her full weight down on top of him, pinning him down between ass cheeks and table glass. Zander immediately tried flailing his body around trying to get some air somehow, but it was useless; his breathes were being muffled by her ass. “Did I say I wasn’t going to sit on you?” she teased him. “I meant that I was going to sit on you, anyways!”

Zander’s squirming and muffling breathes made his mother so aroused, she had not felt this way in years. She enjoyed having him pinned beneath her luscious ass. “Oh, I won’t be long.” she said to him. “It’s just that having you at this current position is so erotic for me, dear.” she said to him. She pushed her ass down further and squirmed, continuing her relentless punishment on her son. If that wasn’t cruel enough, she even bounced her ginormous ass up and down on top of frail Zander like a basketball being dropped from several feet above the ground repeatedly. Zander felt that at any given moment, his body would give in and burst into a gruesome bloody red splotch on his mother’s panties; thus ending his ordeal. However, he somehow remained intact. Maybe that was also karma? His mother got finally off the table, feeling that her son had endured enough of her wicked acts. She turned around and leaned over closely to inspect the damage done to him. Zander looked like a bug that had been stepped on; no blood, but was still alive with his arms moving. His mother eyes grew wide as she was relieved to see that he was still alive. “I’m so glad you survived!” she exclaimed excitedly. Zander groaned as he struggled to breathe in the fresh unblocked air. His body had been mashed and crunched around by behemoth mounds of flesh. “Awww, my poor baby.” His mother cooed. “You’re just going to have to deal with it. This is how your life will be. Well, with me anyways.” Zander didn’t even want to imagine the other cruel plans his mother and sister had for him.

“What… you…….mean… that?” Zander struggled to ask. His mother picked up his feeble body by the shirt and spoke to him at her eye level. “I mean this is exactly how life will be for you every day, serving your far more superior women in the family. Isn’t that exciting?” she cheesed. Suddenly, it all came to Zander. “Wait. You mean to tell me, that you and everyone else treated Ava better than me because she’s a girl?” Zander looked at his mother tearfully. His mother grinned and nodded her head. “It took you 21 years to finally get it. This is a female dominant family. Why do you think you’re the only man in the family?” As Zander thought about what she said, his mother bestowed to him a loving smooch. “Sorry to stop your train of thought, but you have much more important thing to attend to. I’ll help you get started.” His mother stretched out the back of her panties, and gave her son one last look. “Have fun in there, sweetie!” She then dropped him inside. She then spread her butt cheeks out so that he fall in and would be wedged in tightly between her massive ass crack and butt cheeks with no chance of escaping.

Karma is truly a bitch.

Part 3 or what guys? :)
Happy birthday ALittletoo-Rocky1986
Revenge is best taught
They called her crazy.

You didn’t think she was but…Mrs. Garcia wasn’t the most conventional science teacher.

She said she was going to make an experiment that would change the world.

But each time, she would fail miserably.

You felt bad for her, then again you knew she wouldn’t quit. Mrs. Garcia was too resilient

Day in and day out, she would do her all to try and come up with something.

However, each failure grew more and more embarrassing She was the laughing stock throughout the entire city.

Her experiments grew so dangerous, that the school had to suspended her for an entire month without pay.

During her suspension, her fiancé left her because she was too focused on her scientific inquiries instead of their relationship.

With her back against the wall, stress mounting as she was in her basement; she decided to give it one final try.

She mixed two chemicals together and waited to see what would happened.

There was a huge explosion and suddenly…

Mrs. Garcia felt her entire body tingling as she started to grow.

The growth felt quite arousing as her head bursted through the ceiling of her basement. She moaned loudly as she quickly grew thousands of feet in the air, causing the entire city to rumble.

When her growth stop, Mrs. Garcia stood miles above the city.

The people below her couldn’t believe the sight that was before them. A pair cosmic red platform heels loomed high over them, they had no clue what was going on…or what’ll happen next.

Mrs. Garcia peered down and made sure to tease the city who doubted her. It was well deserved after what they put her through.


The citizens recognized that voice and panic erupted throughout town.


And with small one step, Mrs. Garcia decimated the entire Downtown area. She crushed hospitals, emergency service and government buildings, and effortlessly took millions of innocent lives.

You and a bunch of citizens ran for your lives as she pressed down further; making sure Downtown was completely flattened under her heel.

As big as she was, she could still hear the faint screams of those trying to escape her wrath.


As you continued to run, you see an enormous shadow casting over what was left of the city.

You look up and see the bottom of a platform heel.

There was no escape, you just had to take what was coming as her heel came crashing down.


The End
Family Hierarchy: Little Big Sister
Siblings. Some are just annoying, some are the best thing you could ever have. And that was no different for Zander. He just came home from across the country after graduating college. It was the first time in 4 years he had ever came down; partially due to costly travel. Family meant everything to Zander, especially his mother. However when it comes to his sister Ava, let's just say he didn't miss her at all when he was away. Ava was just two years younger than Zander; but was vastly immature. Zander never understood how a someone could act like a 6 year old all the time and it'd be accepted by everyone. Ava was babied and nurtured all her life and enjoyed it; which made Zander jealous that she got so much attention and love from his mother and aunts; while he was on the outside looking in. But was Zander overreacting? No. Ava always got what she wanted on Christmas, her birthday, even at random; while Zander never did. Ava got a ten times the allowance Zander got without even having to lift a finger as Zander did both of their chores. The bitterness followed Zander all the way to college, partly the other reason he never visited his mother and sister. But after graduating, he pushed his anger aside and finally came back to them.

"Oh my sweet baby boy is back!" Zander's mother busted through the door as it flung opened. Before he could even utter a word, she hugged him tightly in her grasps, pummeling him with a flurry of affectionate kisses before letting him go. "Hi mom. I missed you." he finally was able to say. His mother towered over him in her stilettos. “What about me? I missed you more than a shoe sale free for all at the mall! Come on in hun, let me grab your bags! Tell mommy how college was.” she said hurrying him inside to the living room. Zander took a seat on the couch. “It was an invigorating experience. Learned a lot. And I finished as a magna cum laude.” he simply put it. His mother was in awe. “I’m glad you enjoyed it and I’m very proud that you graduated.” she congratulated him. When his mother said that, it made Zander smile. “There’s someone else who’s been dying to see you after all this time; even more than I. Ava! Your brother is here!” Zander’s heart sank as soon as she called his sister down. Suddenly booming footsteps came down the stairs and stormed into the living room. There Ava was, standing tall and eagerly. “I’ll let you two catch up. I’ll be in the backyard doing mommy things. Call me if you two need anything.” she said as she exited the room.There was an awkward silence in the room.

“Oh my God! It’s so good to see you again. I've missed you so much!” Ava said gleefully as she jumped up and down. Zander tried to keep his emotions together. “I did really miss you too, sis.” he said expressionlessly. Ava jumped on the couch and hugged him, she did not let go. “You don’t understand. I felt alone for four years. I kept sitting by my window and staring outside, waiting for you to come. And you never did.” she pouted. “I never want to feel this way again and I never want to be that far away from my big brother. We’re going to have so much fun together, like we always have.” she started kissing Zander on the cheek repeatedly. Zander was repulsed by what she said and pushed her away. “Yeah…there’s a reason why never visited.” he told her. “I know. You didn’t want mommy to spend too much on travel. It’s ok, big bro. You’re here now. That’s all that matters.” she assured him. Zander shook his head as he distanced himself on the couch from Ava. “Partly. But the main reason was because of you.” he revealed to her. Ava was confused, she didn’t understand what made him feel that way about her. “What! Me? I don’t get it?” Zander began to rip into her. “All my life, I had to work my ass off to get something; not guaranteed. You on the other hand, had everything handed to you. I never gotten the gifts I wanted, you did. I always did our chores, you never had to do a single damn one; yet mom gave you more cash than me. No one ever came to any of my graduations, but the entire family flocked to just visit just cause.” Ava was silent, she never realized what Zander had experienced. “Worst of all, you act like a spoiled infant. You get whatever you fucking wanted, and cried whenever it wasn’t good enough for you. You are just a selfish, immature brat! I wish I had been treated that way.” he shouted at her. “I’ve matured.” Ava replied back to him. She was blinking fast, she did her best not to cry. “Why did you never say anything? I would’ve stopped. I didn’t know you felt this way. I…I…” Ava couldn't hold it any longer and ran upstairs crying to her room and slammed the door shut. Zander didn’t feel a bit of remorse either; he said what he said. He simply grabbed his bags, and went upstairs to his old room to chill.

Zander threw his bags on the floor and jumped onto his bed. “Not my fault that the truth hurts.” He buried his face deep into his mattress. “I need to get my mind off this shit.” Zander got off the bed and went to his dresser and saw an old photo of him and his sister when both were fairly young; he was 4 years old then. “I really hoped that it would’ve stayed like that. I guess time doesn't heal all wounds.” Zander then took down the picture and opened a draw to place it inside. He then rummaged through his drawers until he found his CD player and inserted an album to play; it was Drake’s Nothing Was the Same. As the intro began to play, it suddenly stopped. There was a message that kept flashing saying Error and No CD. “I never opened this. How is it not working?” he questioned. Zander kept opening the CD player and closing it, but nothing changed; it still said that it could not read the CD. Zander decided to inspect the device further. As he leaned in to take a closer look, he then pressed the play button and the device shocked him. Suddenly, he found himself instantly shrunk on top of his dresser next to his CD player. “You have to be fucking kidding me! This day can’t get any worse.” Zander regretted even trying to fix his device. “What happened to me? Can this even be reversed? What will my family say when they find me? Oh man!” Zander couldn’t even fathom what had transpired to him. Unexpectedly, large looming footsteps came into his room. When Zander saw who it was, he felt huge dose of irony; it was Ava. “Zander?” she called out. “Zander where are you? We need to talk, now. Are you hiding from me?” Zander watched his mountainous sister search for him in his room. He was in mental turmoil, he didn’t know whether or not to even attempt to call for her attention; especially after what he said. As she passed by his dresser, Zander gulped in fear of her. “Ava. Ava!” he yelled. Ava stood above him but couldn’t see him because of her boobs which blocked the view below her. Ava looked around. “Zander? Where are you? Is this some kind of game?” she bellowed. Zander shouted louder, waving up at her. “No, Ava! I’m down here! Look at the counter! I’m right here!” As Ava looked down at the counter, she was shocked to see her brother shrunken next to the CD player.

“Oh my God! What did you do to yourself?” Ava couldn’t believe it. She was actually sad for him. Zander was still afraid of her. “I wanted to play my Drake CD, but it wouldn’t play. So I pressed the play button, and ended up like this.” Ava pitied him, Zander didn’t know what to expect from her next. “So since…you’re here, I was wondering if you could help me. I can’t stay like this for forever.” Ava scoffed at such a request. “Help you? Why should I?” The guilt grew inside of Zander. “I know what I said was very hurtful and that it did make you cry, but you don’t want me to actually stay like this. Do you?” he asked her. Ava looked down at her brother, and smiled. “Partly.” she said, using his own phrase against him. "Karma got you good. And I think you look much better like this.” Zander was afraid that she would enjoy him at his miniature state and tried to reason with her. “But...but...” Zander stammered after her statement. Ava had a scathing reply for him. “Zander sweetie, you’re nothing but an envious, despising, narcissistic piece of shit. It’s not my fault that you got treated this way, yet you only blame me. At least you got your wish granted.” Zander was confused by what she meant. “My wish is granted? What do you mean by that?” he asked her. “Well, you did say that you wished you had been treated like I was. So I will, baby brother.” Ava laughed as she began to lift up her shirt. “Wait! What are you doing?” Zander wanted to find out. He watched as his sister let her huge E cupped breast dangle above him, Zander braced himself for impact. “I’m not going to crush you at all, silly! I just want to feed the little baby his milky. Open wide!” she mouthed a sucking notion, teasing her shrunken brother. The very thought of being humiliated by his giant little sister made Zander sick to his stomach. “You don’t need to do this, sis. Please don’t make me do this!” he pleaded to her. Ava had no regard for him anymore. “I don’t think someone of your stature has any input on what’s been decided for you. I'm your BIG little sister! If you don’t do as you’re told, then I’ll be forced to lean over and pulverize you with this tit. Now suck! Come on, baby bro. Sucky, sucky, sucky for your new mommy!.” She pouted her lips once more making kissy faces at him.

Zander had no other choice but to reach up towards Ava’s breast as she lowered it so he would be able to suck from it. Ava laughed as her brother examined and caressed her nipple; it was a little bigger than a basketball to him. Zander swallowed his pride as he pummeled his face into her nipple and began to suck profusely from her milk duct. Ava moaned softly in pleasure with each suckle felt as she continued to tease him. “Isn’t this what you wanted? Being treated like a little dependent baby? Huh?” she asked him. Zander looked up at her in shame. “Awwwww, is my wittle baby sad? Let mommy cheer you up.” Ava grabbed Zander as he was still latched on to her, and cradled him in the palm of her hand and used her other hand to secure him from falling and tickled him. Zander had never felt so embarrassed in his entire life. “Are you enjoying your 5 star meal?” she giggled. He didn’t want to answer, he actually enjoyed its scrumptious and satisfying taste. “This is so embarrassing” he muttered after he stopped suckling. “And how in the hell do you have milk already?” Ava sighed. “Less talkie, more sucky.” She commanded as she walked out the room with him. Ava rocked him back and forth humming, like a mother singing a lullaby to her baby; this annoyed Zander greatly, but he could do nothing to stop this torment.
“What are you going to do to me?” Zander insisted. Ava just peered down at him and ignored his request. This offended Zander so much. “Tell me now!” he then shoved Her boob. It wasn't much, but enough to get Ava's attention. She then stopped in the middle of the hallway just to scold at him. “You are an ungrateful piece of shit! You’re so lucky that I promised not to get rid of your worthless ass.” she was incensed at him. “Well if you must know, I have a few ideas to continue your preferential treatment. I’m going to put you in diapers and have you wear my doll’s outfits; the girl ones. And you’ll be forced to stay in the dollhouse. No, even better! I’ll give you to mommy for a bit. She would love you at this size.” Zander’s eyes grew wide. “No way can she see me like this! I’m begging you.” Ava thought about it for a moment. “Nah, too late! Off to mommy you go; the real one this time.” Ava laughed nefariously as she marched downstairs with her brother still clutched in her palm.

To be continued…
Hidden Desires: Ready for a Demotion? Vol 6

Oliver wasn't the sharpest tool out of the tool box, however he somehow still landed some big time job at major law firm. Lord knows how he was able to work their, he was a shitty associate. He had yet to win a court case in 12 years of practicing law. But the partner of the firm, Danica Richards, saw something in Oliver no one else did; untapped potential. But Oliver did see something in Danica that he liked; she was stunning. Danica was a 50 year old single mother of one who could very easily pass for 30, she was slim with well endowed 34F breasts. She had been an attorney for over 20 years and had been a partner of the firm for over 16 years, her record high court success rate lead to her early advancement. Oliver would lustfully stare at her every chance he got, just thinking about how he'd approach her if he took the opportunity. Suddenly, one of the lowly legal assistants had informed Oliver that Ms. Richards would like to see him in her office; pronto.

Disastrous thoughts ran through Oliver's head. She's gonna fire me, isn't she? He thought to himself. He knew Ms. Richards was a generally kind person, but she was supremely quick to cut loose ends in her firm. He was sweating profusely as he grabbed hold of the doorknob and entered her office. "Good afternoon, Mr. Kenton. You may grab a seat, I've been expecting you." she said to him. Oliver slowly pulled out a chair and took his seat. Danica looked at him straight in the eyes and then smiled. "I'm not going to fire you." she announced. Oliver was excited as he gave himself a fist pump. "Yeah! Wait...then why do you need to see me?" His joy was short lived as he was trying to figure out the purpose of this consultation. "I'm going to train you to become a better lawyer." she explained. "You do have some potential. After all, you did Harvard Law; my alma mater. I'll mentor you at my place. Interested?" she offered him. It was a no brainer to Oliver. "Yeah, sure. Just name the time and place." he answered her. Danica looked at her watch. "It's time to close up, so I'll take you in my car and we'll begin. Come along, Ollie." Ollie? Is that her nickname for me? Cool! Oliver said to himself as he followed his dream woman out the door.

They arrived at Danica's home, she then opened the door and led Oliver inside. Oliver then proceeded to attempt to small talk with her. "Hmm. With your salary, I thought you would've settled for something much more.....grand." he said to her as he sat on one of her cushions. Danica stared back at him. "Downsizing saves me lots of money for more important things; like sending my daughter to the prestigious University of Oxford in England." she scolded him. Oliver stood corrected. "I'll go change into some house clothes. Don't touch anything. I'll be right back." Danica then made her way into her bedroom as Oliver awaited her. Should I make my move now...or no? Oliver continued in his thoughts. I'll just wait for the right moment. Moments later, Danica came out of her bedroom in an all black laced lingerie outfit with black shear nylons and black peep toes heels with blood red insoles. Oliver was beyond astonished. "That's what you consider house clothes?" he questioned her. Danica rolled her eyes. "My house, my rules. Now are you ready to be mentored or are you just going to stare at something you can't have?" Oliver shook it off. "Okay I'm ready to begin."

Danica sat down next to Oliver, she then pulled out a book from underneath the cushion. As she was doing that, Oliver kept on looking at her chest. "Eye problem?" Danica asked him. He was caught. Finally she was able to retrieve the book and set it down on her lap. "What kind of book is that?" Oliver asked. The book was thick and old. "It's my old law school book." she explained to him. "The Exponentia Liber. Latin for Law Book." Oliver was impressed. "So what will you first train me on?" Danica pondered for a moment. "We have to get you to know your Latin terms. They're the bread and butter of us attorneys. With terms like contra legem; against the law. It's the very basics." Oliver nodded feeling quite intrigued. "Ok, ok. How about I give it a shot?" he asked her. "I don't know. I guess I can give you a term to read. Pronunciation is key." she said to him as she flipped through the book. "Aha! Read this then." She said as pointed at the text. Oliver looked over it as he slowly began to say it. "Facere.......mihi.........minimis?" And instantaneously, Oliver found himself on the floor next to Danica's high heels; but was only 3 inches tall!

"Whoa! What just happened?" Oliver was freaking out. Meanwhile, Danica looked down at him chuckling. "What's so funny? What happened?"" Oliver demanded. "If you were a competent lawyer, you would have already figured it out." she said to him. Oliver was still confused. "English, please?" Danica sighed in disgust. "The book title doesn't mean Law Book, it means Spell Book in Latin. So I made you read a spell. Farece mihi minimis; that means 'mmake me little. And you made yourself like that. Pitiful." she mocked him. Oliver was in disbelief. "How could you do that?" he wondered. "How? Are you fucking kidding me? You're a piece of shit lawyer, that's how!" Danica slipped off her left heel and planted her foot atop of Oliver, pinning him down on the ground. Her foot only covered the upper half of his body, which unfortunately he was forced to inhale the stench coming from Danica's nyloned foot.

"How does someone lose every case in 12 years? Not even one victory when the law was in favor of you." Danica pressed down slightly harder on top of Oliver. He could feel the enormous weight building, but his screams were being muzzled by cloth and sweaty flesh. "You're so damn useless. Maybe you'll do better as my foot slave. Oh yes, that's a marvelous idea. You can massage my feet after a long day. It's 12 years overdue, coming from the shit you put me through. Next you can show my feet the TLC they deserve by showering them with kisses and licking them clean. Yummy! When you have finished doing that, you deserve a nice dink. A sweaty drink provided from the my favorite pair of nylons that I always wear. Any thoughts, Ollie?" Oliver could hear everything that she said, but couldn't make a rebuttal due to the tremendous weight of Danica's foot pinning him onto the floor. "Huh? What's that you say? You would love that?" she mocked him. She then crossed her right leg over her left and began to take off her other heel. "I guess your real training begins. If you be a good slave, I'll let the other girls borrow you during lunch. But if you so ever be anything like your inability to be a decent attorney; you will be permanently terminated!" Danica gave Oliver a stern warning as she set her other foot down. "Now, start licking."

The End

Recap time! Oliver wanted Danica so bad. Danica wanted to fire him so bad. But she did believe in him. How else did he last so long there? But instead gave him a demotion and an opportunity at something he could be good at; being her foot slave. He wasn't the first one though. Every man that was lacking performance wise under Danica was shrunken and turned into a foot slave. However, they didn't last; poor quality slaves. Best of luck to Oliver, he's really going to need it.

To always be continued
Hidden Desires: Jealousy and Humiliation Vol 5
"Never underestimate the power of jealousy and the power of envy to destroy. Never underestimate that." - Oliver Stone

Two words, Arrabelle Dellafontaine. You can imagine that with a name like that, she sounds like she would be a very important person. And she was. Arrabelle was the lone heir to the Dellafontaine estate; an estate that had provided world governments with technological and scientific advancements as far as the human imagination could perceive. Arrabelle didn’t need school, she was for too refined for common education. She was just home schooled for a year and she was a genius. As bright as she was, her attitude was as gnarly and nasty as she was intelligent. She was a total bitch; no offense, she just was. To match her blunt attitude, was a pair of 36H naturally cupped breasts that even had her own mother jealous of. She would wear outfits so tight and loose fitting that they would occasionally pop out on their own and she wouldn’t care; the attention fueled her ever expanding ego. That’s not even the beginning of it all. She kept her entire family from the Dellafontaine fortune; meaning every cent and property belonged to her. She did not even give them a cent. Arrabelle would demolish many properties like schools and hospitals; no matter if they were for the rich or the poor, and turn them into her own designated amusement areas just because she could. She said commoners didn’t deserve to have such luxuries; and everyone was just a commoner to her. Many tried to get rid of her, but couldn’t; she had the world governments in her back pocket like pocket change and they did everything in their power to protect the young trillionaire. Yes you heard correctly. She is worth an astronomical $150 trillion. I could tell you more about her numerous vindictive acts, but this one right her, this one is probably one of the sane ones that she had committed.

Though extremely cruel, there was actually a very microscopic part of Arrabelle that wanted to be loved. Sadly, not one person on the planet wanted to be with her and she could not stand it one bit; it burned her soul each time she thought about it. “I am 22 years young. I got big fucking tits! I’m beautiful from head to toe. Men should be fawning over me whenever the fuck I want them to!!!” she would say to herself. The thought of being alone drove her mad. Yeah she considered everyone beneath her, but she thought at least one person in the world would even think of her in the slightest way. If she couldn’t have a man, then she was going to take someone else’s; but it would have to be someone she could at least consider on her level, somewhat. “So many impoverished idiots.” Arrabelle said going through her database. “Not one fucking match. A perfect woman like me was destined to be alone.” she sighed. A thought came to her. “Maybe, I need to find someone within my company. Those buffoons are sworn to adore me.” Arrabelle scrolled down the list and found the only candidate worthy of her affection. “Johnathan Hankins, husband of Governor Heather Hankins. Hmmmm. He's a little old for me, but he’ll do.” But it wouldn’t be Arrabelle if she didn’t do something foul. She was going to tell the Governor to her face that she was going to take her husband by inviting her over for a drink.

“What brings me the honor of meeting the great Arrabelle Dellafontaine?” the Governor asked sitting next to her on the gold plated table. “I don’t know, it must be nice to be loved by the peasants.” Arrabelle retorted back sipping on her diamond encrusted drinking glass. Governor Hankins chuckled. "Oh, don't be like that. They just fear what they do not understand, that is all. If only they comprehended you, then they might have some admiration for you, Madame Arrabelle." she suggested. Arrabelle gave her a nasty look. "Don't give me that over joyous bullshit! They will never like me, and I don't give two shits whether they do or don't. Since when did the opinions of peasants ever mattered?" she said to the Governor. "So don't you preach to me with your holier than thou, my life is perfect bullshit ass philosophies." Governor Hankins raised her eyebrow. "Perfect? My life is perfect compared to yours? You are above the law; you're literally untouchable! No one can tell you no, you can do as you please and no one can say anything, and let's not forget you are the only trillionaire in human history! It wasn't even a term until you amassed such a fortune! You are just being a spoiled brat!"she shouted back. She just had about enough of Arrabelle's spite. Arrabelle grinned. "You're right. I am a spoiled brat." she began. "I'm also a heartless bitch. A cut throat, cold hearted, selfish motherfucker too. Add that to your list of pathetic insults. Everything you said is absolutely fucking right. But you forgot one thing; that I'm never satisfied with what I have and I'll always want more. Just like I want your husband and I'm going to take him from you." Governor Hankins paused. "Excuse me?" Arrabelle shrugged. "You heard me, old hag. Aren't you like, pushing 50? Unless your hearing is gone just like your beauty and youth, bitch. I take what I want and there's not a damn thing you can do about it." Arrabelle had the Governor fuming. "If you ever go near my husband, I don't care how rich and powerful you think you are; but that shit WILL NOT protect you from me!" she threatened. Arrabelle scoffed. "Bite me." she laughed. "And get the fuck out of my mansion. And I do hope you get lost on your way out." The Governor stormed out as Arrabelle blew her a kiss goodbye.

Meanwhile at the local lab, Johnathan Hankins was working on a cure for a disease when suddenly Arrabelle bumped into him; causing him to drop the concoction on the floor. "Hey! Who's the idiot....Oh...." he said turning around and seeing who bumped into him. "The fault is mine Mr. Hankins. How are you today, love?" she blushed at him. "I'm swell. I was just making a cure for mesothelioma." he explained to her. "Well I think you need to take a break from that." Arrabelle took hold of Johnathan's hand. He quickly brushed her hand away. "My wife warned me about you. I love her too damn much." Arrabelle was vexed. "I'm far too fucking powerful to say no to, don't make me force my hand Johnny boy." she warned him. "N-O! Good day to you, madame." Johnathan turned back to finish his cure. When he wasn't looking, Arrabelle put on some lipstick. She carefully crept behind Johnathan and kissed him on the neck. Before Johnathan could react, he froze up. "Oh Johnathan, we gotta do something about that bitch of a wife of yours. Any suggestions?" Arrabelle asked deviously. She just got control over Johnathan's mind. "I do not know. What do you suggest, darling?" he asked her. Arrabelle thought about it for a bit. "Make me something that will make her feel small and powerless. And don't even think about resting until it's complete, dear. Make me proud." she told him as she walked away with a big smile on her face.

The next day, loud banging had awoken Arrabelle. "I swear on everything..." she got up angrily from her bed and got quickly got dressed. When she finally answered the door, Arrabelle was delighted to see who it was, it was the Governor. "Morning, bitch." she greeted the politician. Heather was not in the mood. "Where is he?" she demanded. "Where is who exactly? I don't speak vague." Arrabelle teased her. "You know precisely who." the Governor told her. "Now, where is he?" Arrabelle had a great idea. "Oh! I do know who. I'll show you where he is. Follow me, if your arthritis isn't acting up today." Arrabelle led her just a few steps outside her home. "I don't see him." Governor Hankins said. "For a fossil, you sure are impatient." Arrabelle clowned her once more. Seemingly out of nowhere, Johnathan appeared standing very close next to Arrabelle smiling. "Johnathan! You had me worried, let's go this instant." Governor Hankins demanded. Johnathan just stood there smiling. "I said let's go, now!" Once again Johnathan stood there smiling. The Governor was worried. "What on Earth did you do to him?" Heather wanted to know. Arrabelle just looked at her manicured nails. "Him? Oh, he just answers to me now. Sweetie, it's time to do that thing we talked about." On cue, Johnathan pointed a remote at Heather and pressed a button. Immediately Heather began to shrink. Arrabelle was so intrigued that she even took off her glasses to make sure that what she saw was actually happening. When the shrinking had ended, Heather looked up at the couple that towered over her. Arrabelle's breasts easily came loose from her outfit. "I told you, I get whatever the fuck I want."

"Please, have mercy. You can have my husband, you can have my position, anything you want if you change me back. I promise!" Heather tried reasoning with Arrabelle. "I thought old age would teach you wisdom." Arrabelle belittled her. "You know good and damn well that your offers are worthless to a person of my status." Heather was silent. "You know what, I don't even want your husband anymore. He's useless to me now. But just think of all the humiliating thing I can do with you. You're so small and fragile. You're like the doll I always wanted growing up." Heather couldn't believe the circumstance that she was in. "What're you going to do with me?" she asked Arrabelle. "Hmmm, let's see. I could trap you between my tits and let your worthless husband wank loads until he's dry; then make you lick every drop. I can turn you into my little dildo. Or I could sell you to the highest bidder as a slave. The options are endless, dear. However, maybe I'll just keep you guessing. Get over here, you old bitch." Arrabelle snatched Heather and clutched her in her right hand before stuffing her deep into her cleavage. "Not to worry, I can be gentle. Wait, I gotta stop telling lies. Lol."

From that point on, Arrabelle officially deemed Heather her slave. She made heather do all sorts of demeaning tasks. She worshipped Arrabelle's feet and kept her shoes clean with her tongue, she tended to Arrabelle's breasts when commanded to, Arrabelle even sat on her just to show how much she appreciated Heather. Arrabelle did however keep Heather from being seen by outsiders and at times, even shown a bit of mercy towards her too. As for Johnathan? Well, Arrabelle got rid of him; permanently. But she did keep the remote, just in case she ever got bored or felt the need to give Heather some little pals.

The End

Sometimes having everything at your disposal isn't enough. Arrabelle wanted to be loved; forcefully or unconditionally. She desired it. She wasn't just jealous of the Governor's relationship, she was envious of every relationship because she didn't have one. The only reason why she felt that she needed Johnathan was because he was a genius. But it turned out that she didn't need an intellectual equal, she just needed someone she enjoyed demeaning and having control over; á la Heather.

Hidden Desires aren't always concealed, it's just a title. They're all pretty much out in the open, it's just a matter of how it happened.

Until next time....To Be Continued

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